Madhya Pradesh Rural Tourism

2020 (on-going)
Madhya Pradesh Rural Tourism program focuses on developing homestays in selected villages to boost tourism. Hunnarshala was appointed to design and technical facilitation for the required homestays for 30 villages as part of Phase I.

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The Government of Madhya Pradesh, through the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board (MPTB), has launched an ambitious program to promote responsible rural tourism across the state. This initiative aims to mobilise and empower families in villages with significant tourism potential by developing homestays. Currently, 100 villages have been chosen for this initiative.

Hunnarshala was appointed by MPTB in August 2020, to facilitate design and technical expertise for homestays for 30 villages as part of Phase I.

A mason training programme was conducted with local masons and artisans to orient them on construction practice and technical details. The training covered the correct practice of basic constructions, such as binding reinforcement, layouts, diagonals, masonry practices, basic properties of materials, etc.

In February 2024, Hunnarshala was appointed to oversee the Phase 2, encompassing 40 additional villages. This phase involves similar responsibilities as the first, focusing on providing design and technical support to enhance rural homestays.

To ensure the success of this initiative, Hunnarshala has collaborated with various architectural agencies, including Aagaur (Bhopal), Dhamada (Bhopal), and Bayhauz (Auroville). Together, they bring a wealth of expertise to the project.

A dedicated team from Hunnarshala, along with representatives from these agencies, has conducted multiple field visits to provide their services to the designated villages.

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