Gandhi Darshan Museum at Jaipur

Gandhi Darshan Museum being built in Jaipur city of Rajasthan. The main objective of this museum will be to exhibit the legacy of Gandhi ji and the main movements of the freedom struggle. The audience, especially the young generation of the country, can experience the main events of the freedom struggle and Gandhi’s life philosophy and values. can assimilate them. One of the main objectives of this project is to create connection among the youth with the struggle of freedom fighters.

Along with this, objects related to Gandhiji’s legacy will be directly displayed in the Gandhi Darshan Museum. The main movements related to Gandhi’s life including the Satyagraha experiment in South Africa, the Chaparan movement, the Khilafat movement, the Civil Disobedience movement and the Quit India movement will be depicted through new technology. So that the audience and especially the youth can experience these movements and events.

An Architect of the project has invited Aina to execute the earth based technology in the museum. Aina has provided a service with producing about 90000 Compressed Stabilised Earth Blocks and execution of Stabilised Rammed Earth walls of about 400 cubic meter in less than 4 months with the involvement of about 50-60 trained artisans.

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