Archeological Museum, Vadnagar

To preserve and showcase Vadnagar's rich heritage, a new Archaeological Museum is being developed by Design Factory India in collaboration with Artisana .

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Vadnagar, Gujarat, the birthplace of current Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is a site of immense historical significance, with ancient archaeological remnants dating back to the 3rd century BCE. Nestled within the fort walls, Vadnagar’s old town boasts six gates: Arjun Bari, Nadiol, Amarthol, Ghaskol, Pithori, and Amarthol, the latter being the oldest part of the town. The Archaeological Survey of India’s (ASI) excavation sites in Vadnagar have uncovered fort walls, a water tank, and newly discovered structures at the edge of Lake Sharmistha, including an ancient Buddhist monastery.

To preserve and showcase this rich heritage, a new Archaeological Museum is being developed in Vadnagar. The project has been entrusted to Design Factory India, a leading design firm based in Delhi. Artisana has been engaged to lend their technical expertise in the implementation of Stabilised Rammed Earth walls, designed in various shapes to represent the seven eras of this ancient place.

Artisana has provided its technical service for the implementation of Stabilised Rammed Earth including its technical and structural details along with the quality monitoring. The museum is set to become a landmark, offering a glimpse into the rich historical and cultural tapestry of Vadnagar.

Architects: Design Factory India

Project Management: Square Inch – Uttar Pradesh

  1. Ms. Niharika
  2. Ms. Ankita
  3. Mr. Rinku Singh

Aina-Artisana Team:

  1. Rupesh Hurmade
  2. Hiren Gohil
  3. Rajesh Gor
  4. Gulal Bhavsar
  5. Abji Pal
  6. Ramsing Bamniya
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