Eka Boutique – Playing with lime

Eka Boutique is an innovative designer’s dream outlet situated in Delhi, designed by dustudio, Auroville with a theme of minimalism.

Residence, Udaipur

The architect, Mr. Varun in collaboration with Artisana designed the residence of Mr. Paul Thomas, a pastor of a church in Udaipur, Rajasthan by utilizing stabilised rammed earth walls.

Residence of Dax Patel, Vadodara

Vadodara based Art & Architecture Associates in collaboration with Artisana designed Mr. Dax Patel’s residence in stabilised rammed earth work, featuring uniquely tapered walls with multiple layers and shades.

Skanda Spaceframe, Hyderabad

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Residence, Madhapar

The enthusiastic couple’s decision to settle back in Bhuj and construct their residence using traditional and vernacular building practices is commendable. Embracing natural and locally available materials not only adds character to the house but also promotes sustainability and a deeper connection with the local culture.