Indian Patent Stone 

A type of decorative flooring that is created with a mixture of concrete and iron oxide, producing rich and vibrant colours that are uniform throughout the surface.

Masonry Vaults

Masonry vaults refer to the construction of roofs that exhibit an arched or curved shape, typically created by a series of intersecting arches or ribs.

Jack Arch Roof

A jack arch roof is a type of masonry roof structure, constructed using brick, stone, or earth block arches supported by small wooden, steel, or concrete beams.

Filler Slabs

Filler slabs are a cost-effective alternative to solid concrete slabs and are specifically designed to reduce weight without compromising strength.

Shallow Masonry Dome

Shallow masonry dome roof technologies utilise masonry materials to construct a dome with a hemispherical or partially spherical shape and a shallow profile.

Space Frames

Space frame roofing technology is an innovative approach to roof construction, utilising a network of interconnected structural members to create a three-dimensional framework.

Stabilised Adobe Blocks 

Stabilised Adobe blocks are made using natural materials like clay, sand, and straw. These materials are combined with a small quantity of cement or lime to enhance the strength and durability of the blocks.

Stabilised Rammed Earth

The Stabilised Rammed Earth technique entails compressing a combination of soil, sand, gravel, and clay between wooden or steel formwork to produce a sturdy, unified wall.

Stabilised Earth Blocks

Stabilised earth blocks (SEBs) are an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to concrete or burned brick. They are made by mixing soil, cement or lime, and water, which is compressed using a hydraulic press.

Random Rubble Masonry

Random rubble masonry is a construction technique that uses irregularly shaped stones of varying sizes and shapes to build a wall without a specific pattern.