Stabilised Adobe Blocks 

Stabilised Adobe blocks are made using natural materials like clay, sand, and straw. These materials are combined with a small quantity of cement or lime to enhance the strength and durability of the blocks.

Stabilised Rammed Earth

The Stabilised Rammed Earth technique entails compressing a combination of soil, sand, gravel, and clay between wooden or steel formwork to produce a sturdy, unified wall.

Stabilised Earth Blocks

Stabilised earth blocks (SEBs) are an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to concrete or burned brick. They are made by mixing soil, cement or lime, and water, which is compressed using a hydraulic press.

Random Rubble Masonry

Random rubble masonry is a construction technique that uses irregularly shaped stones of varying sizes and shapes to build a wall without a specific pattern.

Wattle and Daub

Wattle and daub involves the weaving of thin branches, known as wattle, into a wooden framework. Subsequently, the woven structure is coated with a mixture of mud, clay, and other natural materials collectively referred to as daub.