Riverside School

As part of a rural exposure programme, students from Riverside school joined for one-day hands-on programme to understand environment friendly construction techniques.

Nirma School of Designs

Students from Nirma School of Designs attended two workshops for exposure in vernacular architecture in rural areas and community design system.

Lime workshop

Hunnarshala organised a workshop for professional architects, engineers, and builders for understanding of lime and its usage as a traditional building material.

Berdo school

A group of students for the winter school programme initiated by CEPT joined for a hands-on community led school upgradation programme.

Mud and Lime-based Finishes

Mud and lime-based finishes are porous in nature, thus allowing the building structure to breathe, so that it can act like a third skin around the building and its inhabitants.

Sheep Wool Research

Hunnarshala collaborated with CfP in 2019, to start experimenting with the suitability of using indigenous wool (Desi Oon) as insulating material in architectural solutions.

Bamboo ​

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world. It is a renewable and extremely versatile resource with multi-purpose usage.

Indian Patent Stone 

A type of decorative flooring that is created with a mixture of concrete and iron oxide, producing rich and vibrant colours that are uniform throughout the surface.

Masonry Vaults

Masonry vaults refer to the construction of roofs that exhibit an arched or curved shape, typically created by a series of intersecting arches or ribs.