Study and Designs for Rural Housing – Govt. of Gujarat

A consortium of Hunnarshala Foundation, People in Centre Consulting, BuildAur, and Thumb Impressions is collaborating to provide technical facilitation under a mandate from the Commissionerate of Rural Development (CRD), Government of Gujarat, for the study and design of rural housing.

Ramdevnagar Slum Development

Hunnarshala Foundation has been appointed as the Project Management Agency to implement RAY in three slums in Bhuj, Gujarat by Bhuj Nagar Palika.

Bakhang Nunnery Rehabilitation, Nepal

In the aftermath of the catastrophic earthquake that struck Nepal in April 2015, the American Jewish World Society (AJWS) took up the initiative to reconstruct Bhakhang, a village inhabited by approximately 170 Tibetan nuns.

Moving school

The Yusuf Meherali Centre (YMC), in collaboration with Mette Lange Architects and Hunnarshala, has taken a remarkable initiative to build a small school for the fisherfolk communities residing along the coast of Bhadreshwar, Mundra.

Muzaffarnagar Rehabilitation

Muzaffarnagar housing was built with the concept of creating a home and community for those violently displaced, offering a fresh start and healing.

Nepal Earthquake Rehabilitation – ODRC

After the 2015 earthquake in Nepal, the government implemented an Owner Driven Reconstruction (ODR) approach, focusing on social mobilization, effective communication, social inclusion, and grievance redressal to facilitate self-reconstruction of houses in a reasonable time-frame.

Street Vendors, Bhuj

Hunnarshala, an organization working with the urban poor in Bhuj, initiated a project in 2015 to explore and formalize street vending as a livelihood option.

Socials – Building of Curves, Bangalore

The Socials chain is quite a famous one throughout India and in Mumbai. An architect has approached BAYHAUZ and AINA to provide their service in execution of semi-circular 18 feet high rammed earth walls.